The HUGE Benefits of Solar Power

These are some of the HUGE benefits of solar power systems.

1 – significantly reduces electricity costs for home and business owners

2 – solar energy is a constant renewable energy source – THANK YOU SUN!!!!!

3 – SYSTEM VERSATILITY – The two HUGE advantages of solar panel systems are their configuration and installation versatility.

Solar systems can be installed on the ground in open spaces (see solar trees), and they can also be wall-mounted (attached to the building walls) on almost any structure.  Also, solar car ports are another great option for homes and businesses.

This versatility is very important because it allows flexibility in the solar
system size and location.  Additionally, it allows the solar system to be bigger in size, thus generating much more electricity than is used.  This excess electricity can either be sold back, or credited to you, by the utility company every month at current electricity rates.

4 – very low maintenance costs – no moving parts

5 – job creation – huge high paying and skilled labor force

6 – reduces carbon foot print and greenhouse gases – much less carbon
dioxide in the environment

7 – directly contributes to a cleaner environment because of much less
reliance and use of fossil fuels

8 – solar system prices are falling hence they are becoming much cheaper to own

The HUGE Benefits of Solar Panels to Home and Business owners

The following are some of the HUGE and IMMEDIATE benefits enjoyed by those who buy solar panel systems.  You should give yourself all of these benefits today.

Please keep in mind you will own ALL of these benefits at the same time
starting on day one.

1 – IMMEDIATELY reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill – this
directly protects you from increasing electricity rates

2 – IMMEDIATELY increase the value of your home

3 – a 30% federal tax credit (ending on Dec. 31, 2019) and other financial incentives

4 – very long lasting solar system life – at minimum 20 to 25 years and up to 40 years for most systems

5 – IMMEDIATELY get additional roof warranty

6 – IMMEDIATELY begin net metering or earning energy credits from the utility company for any unused excess electricity you generate

Net metering – you sell your unused excess electricity back to the utility
company (for specific Net metering policy details you should check your local utility companies website)

Receive energy credit (REC) – you earn energy credits for the unused
excess electricity you generate and you can carry it forward into the next year

(Please note net metering and energy credits must be given to you at current electricity rates and as rates continually increase every year so does your benefit)

7 – after you pay off your solar system you will own a valuable asset that is constantly providing you with ample FREE electricity for the remaining life of the system if your solar system produces more electricity than you use

8 – no electrical outages if your system generates more than you use –
because you can always draw from your excess energy credits

9 – the solar system will More than pay for itself over its very long life time


INSOLAR is a fast-growing tech start-up that connects solar customers with the best solar panel installers at the lowest prices in the market using Artificial Intelligence.

We’re young scientists, programmers, and environmentalists who are passionate about the planet and eager to bring artificial intelligence methods to combat climate change.

We’ve built the easiest and cheapest way to go solar and our platform has caught on. We started in Southern California in 2017 and have since grown to 28 states, 141 cities and counting.  We work with engineering firms, home builders, and construction companies to bring you the best deals.

Insolar is a California based tech start-up much like Priceline or Kayak but for solar.              Insolar provides customized solar panel system proposals for

1 – residential and commercial – including patio, gazebo, and wall mounted systems

2 – synagogue and church buildings

3 – soccer, track and field stadiums

4 – baseball and football fields

5 – high schools, colleges, and universities

6 – all types of parking lots, structures, and garages (solar car ports)

7 – public parks and beaches (solar trees)

Please consider this salient idea you should own and enjoy all of the many valuable solar power benefits.  This important idea is just one great reason why Insolar is working hard to make solar panel ownership much more affordable all across America.

Our AI technology is changing the solar industry forever.  Insolar uses AI technology to search for the best (highest rating and lowest price) solar panels, lenders, and installers then creates a custom proposal for your specific solar panel system.

Simply input your information in the website and you’re done.  Your free no obligation proposal will include

1 – the lowest prices for the best solar panels and installation


2 – the lowest interest rate from the best lender

Additionally, your proposal is created within minutes and emailed to you in PDF format.

Insolar is a valuable resource because you can always get free no obligation solar panel pricing from us and compare this information with other sellers to see who has the best pricing.

To get your free customized solar panel system proposal simply
1 -call me at 818-616-0134 cell                                                                              or                                                                                                                                                2 – go to and click the “GET FREE PROPOSAL” box fill in your information and in the “Referred by” box use as your Insolar Partner  email address then click “GET A FREE QUOTE.” That’s it you are finished.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this or if you have any questions.  For more information please contact me Mr. Manuel Balian at 818-616-0134 cell or

Why INSOLAR?  These are some of the HUGE benefits!!!

• Most advanced technology platform
• Super-Fast Proposals within minutes
• Lowest Solar Prices in the market (as low as $1.70/watt)
• Biggest marketplace of installers, panels, and financing products
• Top banks & lenders with the lowest dealer fees (loans as low as 1.99%
• 24/7 Partner Support
• Fast installation
• Best solar offers in the market for both residential and commercial
including a 30% federal tax credit deduction from the federal government if you qualify
• Top installers in the nation
• Best selection of solar equipment

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