The HUGE Benefits of Solar Power

These are some of the HUGE benefits of solar power systems.

1 – significantly reduces electricity costs for home and business owners

2 – solar energy is a constant renewable energy source – THANK YOU SUN!!!!!

3 – SYSTEM VERSATILITY – The two HUGE advantages of solar panel systems are their configuration and installation versatility.

Solar systems can be installed on the ground in open spaces (see solar trees), and they can also be wall-mounted (attached to the building walls) on almost any structure.  Also, solar car ports are another great option for homes and businesses.

This versatility is very important because it allows flexibility in the solar
system size and location.  Additionally, it allows the solar system to be bigger in size, thus generating much more electricity than is used.  This excess electricity can either be sold back, or credited to you, by the utility company every month at current electricity rates.

4 – very low maintenance costs – no moving parts

5 – job creation – huge high paying and skilled labor force

6 – reduces carbon foot print and greenhouse gases – much less carbon
dioxide in the environment

7 – directly contributes to a cleaner environment because of much less
reliance and use of fossil fuels

8 – solar system prices are falling hence they are becoming much cheaper to own